I’m back!!!-Ambipom. AM-bih-pom.

Sometimes, two tails are better than one!Ambipom has been known to form big groups by linking its tails with other Ambipom. Type:Normal Height:3’11″ Weight:44,8 lbs Region:Sinnoh   Possible Moves:Scratch, Tail Whip, Sand-Attack, Astonish, Baton Pass, Tickle, Fury Swipes, Swift, Screech, Agility, Double Hit, Fling, Nasty Plot, Last Resort.       See you soon!!!

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It’s, Altaria! [all-TAR-ee-uh.] Altaria looks like a fluffy cloud, and likes to hum in a soprano voice. Type: Dragon-Flying. Height:3’07″. Weight:45.4 lbs. Possible Moves: Pluck, Peck, Growl, Astonish, Sing, Fury Attack, Safeguard, Mist, Take Down, Natural Gift, DragonBreath, Dragon Dance, Cotton Guard, Refresh, Dragon Pulse, Perish Song, Sky Attack.

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HECK! Alomomola

It’s Alomomola!!! [uh-LOH-muh-MOH-luh]. Alomomola  floats through the open sea surrounded by a special membrane that heals wounds.When it meets a injured Pok’emon,it embraces it and takes it to shore.   Type:Water. Height:3’11″. Weight:69.7 lbs. Region:Unova. Possible Moves:Pound, Water Sport, Aqua Ring, Aqua Jet, DoubleSlap, Heal Pulse, Protect, Water Pulse, Wake-Up Slap, Wish, Soak, Brine, Safeguard, […]

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We are talking about, Alakazam. [AH-la-kuh-ZAM]. With an I.Q. of over 5,000, Alakazam is a force to be reckoned with.It can recall everything it has done including moves in battle. Type: Psychic. Height:4’11″. Weight: 105.8 lbs. Region: Kanto. Possible Moves: Teleport, Kinesis, Confusion, Disable, Miracle Eye, Ally Switch, Psybeam, Reflect, Telekinesis, Recover, Psycho Cut, Calm Mind, […]

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So cute!!!-Aipom

They’re so cute!!!! It’s name is Aipom. [AY-pom]. Aipom uses it’s tails to grab things that are out of it’s reach, since it’s tail is more effective than it’s hands. Type:Normal Height:2’11″ Weight:25.4 lbs. Region: Johto Possible Moves:Scratch,Tail Whip,Sand-Attack,Astonish,Baton Pass,Fury Swipes,Swift,Screech,Agility.Double Hit,Fling,Nasty Plot,Last Resort. Vist our site everyday!!!!.

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Pokemon Poster.

  I love,Pokemon!!! That’s a fact,Jessica.   Check out our site everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do you like Pokemon???!!!

They’re so many Pokemon made since it has Pokemon been made!!! There are over 600 Pokemon!! This is a fact!  Jessica.  

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It’s big!!!!–Aggron

It’s a big, pokemon!!! It’s name is,Aggron!!! [AGG-ron] Aggron digs tunnels by using it’s steel horns to burrow through bedrock. It digs the tunnels while seeking iron for food. Type:Steel-Rock Height:6’11″ Weight:793.7 lbs. Region:Hoenn Possible Moves:Tackle,Harden,Mud-Slap,Headbutt,Metal Claw,Iron Defense,Roar,Take Down,Iron Head,Protect,Metal Sound,Iron Tail,Autotomize,Heavy Slam,Double-Edge,Metal Burst.

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New page!!!!!!!!! — Aerodactyl

It’s a new page, people!!!!! Today it’s about, Aerodactyl!! [AIR-row-DACK-tull] Aerodactyl’s teeth are as sharp as blades, and it has flown the skies since ancient times. Type:Rock-Flying Height:5’11″ Weight:130.1 lbs. Region:Kanto Possible Moves:Ice Fang,Fire Fang,Thunder Fang,Wing Attack,Supersonic,Bite,Scary Face,Roar,Agility,AncientPower,Crunch,Take Down,Sky Drop,Iron Head,Hyper Beam,Rock Slide,Giga Impact.

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