New page!!!!!!!!! — Aerodactyl

It’s a new page, people!!!!!

Today it’s about, Aerodactyl!! [AIR-row-DACK-tull]

Aerodactyl’s teeth are as sharp as blades, and it has flown the skies since ancient times.

  • Type:Rock-Flying
  • Height:5’11″
  • Weight:130.1 lbs.
  • Region:Kanto
  • Possible Moves:Ice Fang,Fire Fang,Thunder Fang,Wing Attack,Supersonic,Bite,Scary Face,Roar,Agility,AncientPower,Crunch,Take Down,Sky Drop,Iron Head,Hyper Beam,Rock Slide,Giga Impact.


Posted in Pokemon on Oct 5th, 2013, 5:53 pm by Jessica   

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