Good Afternoon!!!!! — Absol

Hi,I’m back!!!

I’m going to tell you about,Absol! [AB-sol]

When you see Absol,it means that disaster is imminent-so don’t stay put!

Absol only appears to those it wants to warn.

  • Type:Dark200px-359Absol
  • Height:3’11″
  • Weight:103.6 lbs.
  • Region:Hoenn
  • Possible Moves:Scratch,Feint,Leer,Taunt,Quick Attack,Razor Wind,Pursuit,Swords Dance,Bite,Double Team,Slash,Future Sight,Sucker Punch,Detect,Night Slash,Me First,Psycho Cut,Perish Song.
Posted in Pokemon on Oct 1st, 2013, 11:09 pm by Jessica   

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