One more time!!! — Accelgor

It’s about Accelgor!  [ak-SHELL-gohr]

Having shed it’s heavy shell,Accelgor is light and moves like a ninja when it fights.But it weakens if it’s body dries out,so it wraps itself in layers of thin membrane to prevent dehydration.

  • Type:Bug
  • Height:2’07″
  • Weight:55.8 lbs.
  • Region:Unova
  • Possible Moves:Leech Life,Acid Spray,Double Team,Quick Attack,Struggle Bug,Mega Drain,Swift,Me First,Agility,Giga Drain,U-turn,Bug Buzz,Recover,Power Swap,Final Gambit.



Posted in Pokemon on Oct 1st, 2013, 11:39 pm by Jessica   

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